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    Are You A Target On The Dark Web?

    Detect, prevent and disrupt cyber fraud, criminal intentions and malicious plans in the Underground Economy.

    Financial Crime Intelligence

    Hit the ground running with our cyber fraud intelligence subscription service designed for financial institutions and government agencies.

    Intelligence As A Service

    Act before they strike. Get actionable cyber intelligence from hard-to-reach sources in the Underground Economy.

    Own Your Cyber Security Intel Team

    Build your intelligence department in days not months, with our ionCyber platform and world-class intelligence expertise.

    Counter Intelligence


    Don't be outplayed.

    C4 Intelligence agents are embedded in clandestine forums, providing insights into attackers, plans and breaking events.

  • ionCyber

    The cybercrime intelligence hub for enterprises

    A unified Intel Platform

    A robust web intelligence operations center, ionCyber accelerates the entire cyber intelligence production cycle, delivering more actionable intelligence at a lower cost.

    Trusted by Cybersecurity Leaders

    ionCyber helps leading cyber intelligence units achieve a dramatic increase in efficiency, capacity and diversification in complex applications.

    Customized Feeds, API and SDK.

    ionCyber adapts and scales. Add new feeds for a variety of formats, integrate with your infrastructure, build new components and set your unique processing and distribution rules.

  • Financial Crime Intelligence

    Your customized end-to-end cyber intelligence subscription

    ionCyber the web intelligence operations center

    ionCyber Intel

    Our powerful platform

    ionCyber is the engine powering our cyber intelligence services, providing highly robust collection, processing and distribution of actionable intelligence.

    Financial Crime Intelligence

    Strategic intel

    Improving defenses

    Strengthen your anti-fraud posture. Learn the methods, tactics and capabilities of cyber criminals targeting your organization, industry and region.

    Contextual cyber intelligence

    Contextual intel

    Stay in the know

    Gain insights into new activities and trends in the underground economy. Stay informed about your current and future exposure to cybercrime.

    Tactical web intelligence

    Tactical intel

    Critical operations

    For ongoing enterprise operations with critical cyber intelligence on stolen credit cards, compromised accounts, abusive ip's, mule accounts and more.

    Cyber Financial Fraud investigations


    Connecting the dots

    Benefit from our assets and active engagement of C4i agents in the Dark Web, exposing the root causes of your cybercrime and fraud cases.

    Cyber Intelligence Consulting


    Experience counts

    We leverage our cyber intel expertise and Cyber HUMINT assets to augment and strengthen your enterprise web intelligence operations.

  • C4 Intelligence

    The what, when, where, who, why, how

    Why C4i

    C4 Intelligence offers outsourced services based on best practices, with a robust infrastructure and automated integration of multiple data sources. We accelerate the production cycle of cyber intelligence, reduce noise, eliminate false positives and derive true insights from hard-to-consume data in the Underground Economy.


    Expertise, Technology and Support

    Formerly with Israel's Military Intelligence and government cyber units, our world-class team has been providing high value cybercrime intelligence and consulting services to financial institutions, government agencies and global cyber security companies.




    Chaim Ivry, Founder/CEO, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey


    Hezi Leder, Brigadier General (Ret), Director, Law Enforcement Agencies, Tel Aviv, Israel

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